Video Games: How They May Be Accounts Receivable

This past Saturday has been quite the day for Framingham, as an instance of supposed debt collecting went terribly wrong. A man, who claimed he was simply collecting a debt owed, forced himself into another man’s house, stealing his PlayStation video game console and television. The fact that this even happened was bizarre but the details behind it are ones that would more than likely make video game enthusiasts second guess themselves. Video games and their systems, on that Saturday, have become accounts receivable. Michael W. Fields, a 37-year-old man, first started to commit the crime by shoving his way into the home of the debtor, claiming that he was collecting for a man named “Jeff.” The debtor said that the name didn’t ring even the faintest of a bell but Fields pushed onward, in more than one way. Fields took the video game console and television from the debtor but not before physically assaulting the debtor. A shove in the throat only added onto the list of crimes that this man committed. Assault and battery being one, the lists of charges are one might expect from Fields’ actions. Whether you’re part of a reputable collection company like Rapid Recovery or merely a video game fan, one can’t deny that this is an act gone too far. Sure, many gamers will claim that the loss of a console is akin to losing a job since there’s so much time invested in whatever is done with either. However, the accounts receivable taking the form of a game console is insanity. Without a warrant to do such a thing, Fields was in the wrong and physically harming the debtor would only further bend the guidelines of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act before they ultimately broke. A warrant has been issued for Fields’ eventual arrest but there’s no question that people will continue to commit these gaming-related crimes despite it. Fields, in my estimation, wanted the console to either have one of his own or to sell it for real money. I consider myself an avid gamer and I would never think to take such an expensive piece of technology from anyone since one thing I consider myself being is a thief. Not all gamers are this dangerously unpredictable and we are given a bad reputation because of these stories. The debtor will be granted a sense of justice after all of this is said and done but with several gaming-related crimes amongst us, why should people who earnest enjoy gaming be punished? Gamers have the ability to make profit by selling back their old games and this system has been around for quite some time. It works most of the time but what will never work is stealing from another gamer for selfish needs and it’s nothing short of disrespectful, either. When acts like these are committed, gaming privileges should be taken away. Click here today if you are searching for some more information on accounts receivable services from Rapid Recovery Solution!. Also published at Video Games: How They May Be Accounts Receivable .