Trademark Search Options by Carbon Arc The trademark lawyer can not only do the search for you, but they may be able to tell you if your particular trademark is likely to be successfully registered. If you have the expertise of a trademark attorney by your side, this will save you a lot of time and possibly money. Trademark rights are always granted to the first party to use that trade mark, which means that the company providing a similar product and they are using a similar mark will have superior trademark rights over you. This also means that if they wanted to they could possibly sue you for trade mark infringement or if they own a trademark registration, their trademark could be a block to your trademark being given a trademark registration. By taking the time to have a trademark search, which will tell you if that particular mark is clear or being used, you can avoid a lot of these kinds of problems. While only your attorney, who has experience with the problems of trade mark law, can clear a trademark, you can use a free search online to rule out any potential trademarks that may be too similar to yours. With Google and other internet search engines available, which are good staring points, you simply type in your trademark and a description of your product and see if you find any other companies, using the trademark you picked out, for similar products. If you find that your trademark is being used by someone else, the best thing to do is to maybe reconsider your mark and possibly choose another name. If this limited trademark search finds nothing of any concern, then try now to type in just the trade mark alone and read over those results as well. One of the more commonly used free trade mark searches online is the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) offered by the USPTO. TESS allows you to do a US search, but will also offer many search strategies best utilized by the trademark attorney expert in trade mark services. You must know that even if there is not a trademark that is an exact match, you can still infringe upon someone else’s trademark. This is why it is okay to use these free online searches but you also need a trademark attorney to review a federal trademark search to be sure that your mark is clear. A US trade mark search is a professionally prepared search done by a trademark search company. This search will allow a attorney to provide you with a detailed analysis regarding the chances of your trademark infringing on another trademark registration. The cost of a trademark search is small compared to the benefits of knowing your trademark is safe for you to use and ensures that you will receive the many trademark registration benefits. Article Source: