What Dog Breed Is Best For Children http://bit.ly/S85Fwg Take care in choosing the breed of your child’s first dog. Think of yourself as putting a partnership together where both partners are wild little creatures. You’ll find that some breeds are better with small children than others, even though there’s some variation within breeds based upon a specific parentage. Small children don’t have a fully developed sense of their own strength. Nor do they well understand the infliction of pain. They might seriously injure a toy breed or other very small animal without knowing it. Even if there isn’t any actual injury, if a child hurts the animal a few times it might forever thwart its becoming socialized to him or her. Choose a breed which isn’t too large, but which has a rugged body and a calm spirit. The perfect example is the English Bulldog, a breed which seems to make everyone’s list when it comes to best with children. This gentleman is sturdy enough to handle quite a bit of rough horseplay. Just as important, the bulldog will take it with equanimity. Bull terriers are also sturdy, relatively insensate to pain, but tend to have a higher energy level and love to play. Don’t confuse either with the now-notorious pit bull. Dogs such as the pit bull, which come with a bad reputation, are sometimes questionable for reasons other than what you might suspect. Doberman Pinschers, for instance, are fine with any child they grow up with from puppy-hood. The problem here is that they’re fiercely loyal to one owner, and might regard any other person as a threat to their owner. That’s not good news if your child wants to have friends visit. Retrievers, whether Labradors or Golden retrievers, are warm-hearted and seem to have no mean streak at all. Whoever first called dogs “man’s best friend” probably owned a retriever. However, this breed typically requires a good amount of space to roam, and requires quite a bit of exercise. For that reason alone, they might be better suited to children older than six. It is to be assumed that anyone looking for a friend for their children understands that an animal bred to be a guard dog, like a Rottweiler or a Presa Canario, isn’t the most appropriate personal dog for children. Not only are such dogs extremely powerful, beyond what most adults can handle, but they are territorial and independent. This type includes huskies, pit bulls and German Shepherds. Some dogs are simply peculiar. They have traits that might be annoying, but aren’t dangerous. Chihuahuas are very dominant in their behavior and might bite when defied or even just surprised. The Collie meanwhile makes a generally fine companion, but is a herding animal and might attempt to herd your children. Most parents find this unacceptable, but it might tickle your funny bone. In the final analysis, you are well advised to research breeds very carefully before making that final decision . Then you’ll be in the best shape to decide among dogs for your children. Safe and trustworthy puppy training is something that is taken very seriously. Allow these friendly and experienced specialists to provide the best dog training Kelowna for your dog. Bark Busters in Home Dog Training Toronto, ON (416) 988-3169 +1 866-418-4584