Information To Give Your Marketing And Blogging A Steroid Injection It is important that you stay on top of your everyday blogging efforts, especially because of Google Panda updates. This is a serious matter of business survival for millions of bloggers. You really need to improve your efforts if you want to avoid what Panda has done. It is important that you do your best to stay on top. You can take care of this very easily. In fact, it’s not that hard! It is not difficult to do these things. In fact, some of them are quite easy to do. To make your blogging efforts more effective, we will help you by providing a few methods that really work. So you do Internet marketing – perhaps you would like to know the best ways to do this the right way. But just remember that you have to find your way in the business world. For the most part, there are no specific rules to follow. You simply need to know what to do. Posting content regularly is something you have to do. Publishing your content on other relevant blogs using a one way link building service is another strategy to increase your website visitors and boost your blog’s authority in Google’s eyes. You will find some who advise to publish every day and others will say to publish two or three times per week. Focusing on what your audience will be looking for is the general foundation for what you need to post on your blog. Even a weekly post is good. This way, you will be able to remind them that you exist. How long your blog posts are is important. You should also have a loose strategy to fall back upon. Blogging requires you to have variety in what ever it is that you provide your readers. That means your content length should vary to a fairly high degree. You can write killer posts that are a thousand words and get SEO advantages. Not everyone of them should be that long when you make a post. Online readers have short attention spans and poor reading endurance. Writing an article around 400 words is probably a good idea from time to time. There are many SEO advantages to making a post that is 1000 words or more. But you don’t want to make all of them that long. You should be aware that most people have very short attention spans. Short posts are about 400 words in length. These should be used intermittently with the long ones. A really smart move is to make your primary business money site your blog. Actually, it is preferred unless you need some special type of site, but you can also use PHP pages and others with a blog. It is important that you learn how to make your blog powerful and effective in order to find online success. Having a good and affordable web hosting service for your blog is another way to prevent it from being penalized.