Dedicated Server Options
Sometimes deciding that you require a dedicated server for your website can be the most difficult option but life doesn’t get any easier from there. Once you have sorted out the server, there is a requirement to configure your settings as quickly as possible. The configuration process is taken care of in the control panel, a place where you will likely end up spending a lot of your time. If you are new to control panels, it may take a while to get up to speed but they are not too difficult to use. The initial stage of the configuration process comes when you process the set up details. This sort of process, mainly filling in forms is not too difficult but it can be a bit dull. However, it is best to read the information provided to ensure you have an understanding of the terms and conditions. After this, one of the key aspects for your dedicated server is to run an Apache update. This lays out the sort of commands and scripts that you will be using on your sites and applications. Again, this is not the hardest task you will have to face when configuring your site but again, there is no need to rush through the process. Another area where you will learn to configure your dedicated server comes with the number of packages that you can install on your server. One of the key uses of these packages will be to install websites in a matter of minutes, which is extremely useful for people looking to have a number of sites on their server. This is relevant for individual users and web resellers. You should also take the time to check out the security centre in WHM as this provides a greater level of security for your sites. After this, configure backups to your dedicated server and you will be in a far better place than where you started with regards to safety and reliability for your site. About DedicatedNOW: provides dedicated servers and a wide range of IT services. Visit to find answers to your dedicated hosting questions.