Sending preschoolers to day care seems to be the norm these days, given that most families are not in a position to have a parent staying at home. This time is important in the life of children and parents, and can be anxiety-provoking, especially on the first day of separation from mother. Most children are quite adaptive when it comes to novel faces and circumstances, but it does not preclude giving the situation some careful thought. Following here are worthwhile tips that could help make this transition period easier for children and parents. Having a trial run of this event is a good idea, since the rehearsal allows parents to get a sense of a child’s reactions. Arrange to leave the little one with relatives, friends, neighbors or grandparents before the time on more than one occasion. Say to the youngster what one would say on the morning of the actual day, including things like mommy will be back later, and that the toddler will enjoy spending the time with grandmother. To help make one’s child feel a measure of security in the company of strangers, it’s useful to let the little one take with a favorite object, like a blanket or toy, from home. This lends the feeling about home and the familiar, something that tends to settle anxiousness about not being with mother. It also instills the idea that the toddler and the object will return home later on. When getting ready to drop off the youngster, everything that’s needed ought to have been packed and ready, without the need to rush around in a panic while looking for things. So, it’s best to pack the necessary materials the night before. This will ensure that no undue tenseness accompanies the trip to school. To reinforce a feeling of safety about being in a new place, spend some time introducing the kid to new faces before leaving. The message to the youngster is that if mom is on friendly terms with these strangers, it must be a good place where one can feel safe. This will help to settle nerves when it’s time for the parent to leave. Write down information caretakers ought to know about the toddler’s schedule, especially if the child is on medication. Note down information about dosages and times. Caretakers appreciate such cooperation and forethought. When leaving for work, make saying goodbye short, and try not to hang around for longer than what’s necessary, or return to see if everything’s fine. Besides, these motions would have been rehearsed previously, so it shouldn’t come as something new to the minor. Make sure to inform the little one that mother will come back later to fetch the preschooler for home. It’s important to ensure at the end of the first day of day care Brampton one is on time to fetch the child, since it would be the wrong time to create unnecessary anxiety after having been away from mom for so long. In addition, it’s also necessary to rehearse these events a number of times before, so as to make the transition as smooth as possible. These tips ought to help make going to preschool a time of pleasant excitement for both parents and children. For fantastic daycares in Brampton facilities visit Rise & Shine Kids- 255 Queen St E, Brampton, ON L6W 2B8 (905) 799-0782- They provide child care Brampton services with a fun atmosphere where kids can learn and play!